A PROMISE BROKEN is a music album whose song writing and music production are inspired by the lyrics which are uniquely heart wrenching, melancholic, glorious, poetic, melo-dramatic, longing, seeking, loving, amusing, theatrical and spiritually emotional.

The album has a total of 12 tracks (7 original songs and 5 radio edits), and belongs to the new Global Music Genre called BHAARAT ®, which is a homogenised blend of Pop – Rock – Alternative – New Age – World Music – Jazz Fusion – Blues – R&B – Country Folk – Indian Classical.

The song writing, music production, and vocal renditions are indeed Ground Breaking, setting a new trend in Popular (Pop) Music.

The album also features some prominent Grammy® Winning Artists and Technicians, and has a Brand New Sound.

Do enjoy this musical sojourn which takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions & theatrics.

The album also conveys a message of positivity and spirituality.

A PROMISE BROKEN features the celebrated maestro & pop icon, Somesh Mathur, and the lyrics are co-written by Preeti Mathur & Somesh Mathur.

A PROMISE BROKEN - Somesh Mathur (Teaser)


BOBBY BABY-Somesh Mathur (Teaser)

MY VALENTINE - Somesh Mathur

AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW - Somesh Mathur (Teaser)

WARM MIST OF TEARS Somesh Mathur (Teaser)

THE HEART FRAUGHT WITH PAIN - Somesh Mathur (Teaser)